I stretch regularly and the results are amazing

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Every time I started stretching, I had a clear picture of how I did the epic split. The same as in the advertisement with Jean-Claude Van Dam. It was a great motivation. Thoughts “if he could, then I can” didn’t leave me. It’s spectacular.

A brief story about my desire to do the split

The idea of a flexible body has always attracted me since I have always been flexible, like an oak tree. The video of Logan Paul is when he quickly falls into the split in the middle of the street has shocked me. I’ve always wanted the same.

I practiced. I have done different focused exercises on…

Searching for new activity, but don’t know what to choose? Try these.

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Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to get healthier? The sport will help you.

Throughout history, sport goes toe-to-toe with humanity. Nowadays, there is a list of over 800 sports played around the world.

The world of fitness these days is very diverse and confusing. You can get lost while looking for a new hobby. However, it won’t be so difficult if you know what you need.

Decide on your goals

The desire to do fitness is half the action. You better ensure that the remaining half of the case doesn’t bury your desire.

When you start searching, ask yourself…

Famous Paul McCartney announced eye yoga saved his vision

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Not long ago, Paul McCartney, the former Beatles singer, revealed that his eyesight is still totally sharp. The 78-year-old singer said he regularly practices eye yoga to help keep his vision intact.

Eye exercises, also known as eye yoga, are designed to strengthen the eye muscles, help focus, and make eye movement easier. There is no evidence that eye yoga will maintain perfect vision for up to 80 years, like in the case of McCartney.

  • Harvard Medical School states that if you already wear glasses or contact lenses, the chances that eye exercises will work for you are close to…

You can find the answer to the question of why once again you do not want to exercise

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Everyone seems to have had a situation where we started to avoid training. Circumstances may be different, but the result is always the same: for some reason, we begin to skip workouts more and more. If it’s true with you, I will try to explain why it is happening.

I have tried many sports in my life, many of which I have left. Some of them I left behind for a wise reason, but others I left without any reasonable causes. I have been thinking about the root of the problem and now can see some grounds for that. …

Create your own rituals and make your life healthier

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My “morning ritual” began a year ago as an experiment. The Covid-19 pandemic has just begun. I was sitting at home and had a lot of free time. So I decided to try something new in my daily life.… Wake up earlier. Cold shower. Meditation. Morning exercising. I didn’t have anything specific in my mind. I didn’t subscribe to those “4-week plan to become your best self”. I was looking for something that would improve my life by 1%. Something simple and effective. Something that I can use from the very start.

Spoiler: I did it. It took me almost…

What I learned from Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food

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Michael Pollan, the author of several best-selling nutritional books, debunks the myth of today’s “healthy” food. In his book In Defense of Food, he suggests paying attention to ancestors’ wisdom and common sense.

The French, consuming large amounts of saturated fat and wine, manage to stay slim. Unfortunately, few people notice that this nation has a special relationship with food.

People pay too much attention to the chemical aspect of nutrition. Still, they forget about the sociological and environmental factors. While researching the health benefits of red wine or foie gras, American food experts overlook one fact:

The French rarely…

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The great philosophers of the past already found the answers.

How to be happy? It’s an eternal question that we all ask ourselves. Throughout its existence, humanity has been trying to find the secret of happiness. Both religious leaders and philosophers were looking for it.

Of course, you can spend all your leisure time watching TV series. But doesn’t it seems that something is missing? At such moments, it’s worth turning to the wisdom of the greatest thinkers of antiquity. After all, they studied happiness long before orange became the hit of the season.

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”


For Socrates, the source of happiness cannot be a reward or someone else’s praise…

Have you ever thought about a good slice of pizza?

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“I like to eat a thick slice of pizza, and preferably three at once. The meaty, cheesy, and tomato aromas hit my nostrils. I look at an open greasy cardboard box with shiny triangular pieces inside. I know today it will be incredibly difficult for me to control myself. Give me an unlimited supply of pizza, and most likely I will bring myself to a sorry state.”— Have you ever think like this?

Junk food isn’t made of garbage. People use the term junk food to describe a food that has few of the nutrients your body needs. …

This article isn’t about the call for rehydration. Everything is much simpler.

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The Internet is full of information on how to lose weight. But what if there is an easy way to improve your weight loss? At the same time, you haven’t to make any special efforts.

Fashionable workouts and diets aimed at weight loss. Instagram fitness-bloggers with their weight-loss courses.

I’ve been wondering about losing weight for a long time. I read scientific articles and check everything myself. And it all comes down to one thing:

You have to spend more calories than it consumes. It is an axiom.

Two main ways to lose weight emerge from this axiom:

  1. Increased loss…

A detailed workout plan for everyone who is at the gym for the first time and doesn’t know what to do

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Do you know how to achieve excellent results in the gym?

Could it be working with large weights? Or do you need to train in the gym for hours? How many times per week do we have to train?

As a personal fitness trainer, I want to share with you a simple workout plan. It will help you to make your first steps in a gym.

Why Do You Need a Workout Plan?

To get good results at anything, we must repeat the same thing until we master it. Yet, doesn’t this statement sound too dull?

A workout plan is a fitness regimen that prescribes a variety…

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