4 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Understanding this, you will lose weight faster.

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The very first question when we want to lose weight, “What should you do? Dieting? Fitness?”

We started gathering some information.

  • We start running every other day, or even every day.
  • We go on a diet.

And the weight starts to decrease rapidly in the first two weeks. Yet what will be next? What will happen next? Why does the weight standstill? Is something going wrong? What to do? What to search for on the net? If I’m right, the following tips for you.

1. Wish

Without a strong wish, there is no reason to start. That is the leading and only force that will lead you to the result. If you want to continue reading this story, then you already have it! So, strengthen your wish:

  • Create a picture in your head when you are already lost weight. Do you like this picture?
  • Understand the health benefits of losing weight. Do you worth it?
  • You have to decide. Will you allow some obstacles to change it?

2. Be ready for changes

Why do we want to achieve a new result with the same tools? Is it because we are lazy? Or it’s because we don’t know what we should do? As I see it, we are afraid to face changes in our lives. We worried become different. I agree with it. It’s scary. But will we be so different?

Your life will be different for sure. You will change your food preferences. You will be different, but you will still be yourself. So be brave and start your change soon. But start it with small steps. What are you prepared to do to have a healthy weight?

3. Patience

Give your body time to adapt to the new reality in which your mind has decided to lose weight. It is a rather complex process that we cannot accurately feel. But keep in mind that this is changing. In a few weeks, you will feel the difference:

  • more energy
  • better health
  • improved mood
  • less weight

A weight that you have gained over months or even years is entirely possible to lose. But give it time.

4. Get the knowledge

How could we know what is sunrise if we never saw it? How could we know the smell of the sea or ocean never been there? How could we know the taste of coffee, never tried it?

Let’s stay for coffee. Do you like it? Imagine a cold, gray winter morning. You get out of your cozy bed and go to the kitchen. You brew a cup of coffee, and then: that freshly brewed coffee smell. Mmm, delicious taste. And your morning starts to fill with colors.

I hated the first cup of coffee in my life. Remember as now. It was a sunny summer morning. I was 11 years old, and it was a family vacation. My father had his coffee. I wanted to try. Just a little. “What the hell? What a terrible drink?” — I thought then. Nowadays, I cannot imagine a morning without a cup of coffee.

It’s the same with diet. You have to experiment a little with it. You have to experiment with all weight loss methods. One will suit you the most. When you find it, losing weight will go much easier, faster, and more comfortable, even with a note of pleasure.


  1. Don’t think only about diet. You have to wish to lose weight. Create a picture of the result you are aiming for.
  2. Be prepared for some changes. It doesn’t work without changes.
  3. Don’t rush for quick results. You will achieve whatever you want. Give it time.
  4. Give it a shot. Don’t just read about losing weight. Get your own experience. I will be glad to help you with this in my stories.

Thank you for reading. I’m curious if my article has brought you anything useful. Write about it in the comments.

Andy Demidov




I look for ways to make life better, and you get outcomes.

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Andy D

Andy D

I look for ways to make life better, and you get outcomes.

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